Salvage Auctions

The fastest way to get access to damaged vehicles before any repairs.  Often times BidDaddy receives cars days after the accident has happened. Detailed listings and pictures give you the best representation of the vehicle while bidding.

STEP 1: Damaged vehicle arrives at body shop

This is where the insurance adjuster will assess the vehicle and if needed deem it as a total loss for the insurance company.

STEP 2: Body shop uploads vehicle to BidDaddy

At which point the body shop will upload the vehicle images and specifications to BidDaddy where it is setup for immediate sale. 

STEP 3: Buyer purchases the damaged vehicle online

Through our secure auction platform the buyer can purchase the vehicle immediately online and arrange to transport it away from the body shop 

STEP 4: Buyer repairs vehicle sells at profit

After completing repairs and recertifications, the vehicle can now be sold back onto the market through BidDaddy’s standard auction platform. Where online shoppers can choose to purchase

"The fastest turn around we've seen and we didn't even have to move the car"

– Robert Henry

A great option for our small repair shop

– Robert Henry

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– Robert Henry